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“The best decision for our 1 day visit in Rio was the private guided tour with Gus. I would recommend him to anyone, he is a real people-person with the perfect balance between telling stories about the city, historical facts and gives you space to observe and let all the beautiful sites sink in. The most honest and pleasant guide I have ever met. Have a nice visit in Rio, and trust Gus, he knows what he is doing. Best Regards” 
Line and Rie (DK)


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“We are pleased to team up with Gus, renting our vans and buses for bigger groups whenever he needs it. He is a competent and experienced tourguide, realiable and great partner who have built his reputation along years of efficiency and integrity. We believe that solid partnership like ours – based on mutual benefits – is one of the ingredients to promote a more professional tourism in our country. Thanks Gus, You can always count on us!!” – Lucam Transportation – Rio de Janeiro 


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Gus assisted us in Rio during several familiar and working teams trips. In all sort of demands he was always willing to help and guide us. He has great knowledge of the city, tourist attractions, scheduling and logistics which make us save time and money in such a big city as Rio, beyond important tips of safety. Remarkable and competent professional who I totally recommend for any kind of tourist in Rio. Thanks Gus” – Fabrício B – Operations manager – Excel Eventos – São Paulo